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Small Business Acquisitions

Joe’s work experience in SBA lending and as a licensed real estate and business broker gives him an appreciation for the practical issues, as well as the legal issues, that arise in transactions and disputes related to business acquisitions.

For Buyers

Joe represents buyers in all aspects of the acquisition process, including evaluating potential acquisition targets, negotiating with sellers and landlords, structuring transactions, drafting letters of intent or purchase agreements, obtaining financing, legal due diligence, entity formation (corporation, LLCs, partnerships, etc.), and drafting employment/consulting agreements and other legal documents. If you contact Joe early in your acquisition search, Joe will have the opportunity to provide you with the most complete and effective service.

Joe also represents buyers that have questions or a dispute related to the acquisition of a business or other legal matters related to operating a business. Joe provides aggressive, but practical, representation to buyers in mediation, arbitration and civil litigation with claims against sellers involving fraud, non-disclosure, and/or breach of contract.

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For Sellers

Joe assists sellers (including those selling their business “By Owner” ) with negotiations, structuring transactions, drafting purchase agreements and other legal documents, and entity dissolution (corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) partnerships, etc.), as well as other legal issues related to the sale of business.

Joe also represents sellers involved in disputes related to the sale of a business. Joe provides an aggressive defense for sellers accused of fraud, non-disclosure, and/or breach of contract in mediation, arbitration, and civil litigation. Joe also represents sellers looking to collect on earn-outs or seller-carried financing.

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For Brokers

Joe provides consulting services to brokers who are new to the industry or that seek guidance with specific legal issues that arise in the course of their representation of their clients. Joe also represents brokers in mediation, arbitration, and litigation, whether they be making a claim against a seller for failure to pay a commission or defending a claim of fraud, non-disclosure or breach of duties of agency.

Please call 916-672-8018 or email me to discuss your situation or questions.


"I was a first-time small business buyer, confronting many challenges from all sides. On the recommendation of a trusted advisor, I selected Joe Sandbank as my attorney to assist in conducting the legal-related aspects of the acquisition process."

"Joe was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the process, from drafting the purchase agreement, through due diligence, incorporation, and closing the deal. Joe’s down-to-earth style and demeanor allowed him to translate complex concepts into a language that the common man can understand. Joe was very responsive, and was always looking after my interests. "

"David Ribal, President, Innovation Ventures, Inc."